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After much searching, I found the download for the eclipse version of jalopy. Is this compatible with Eclipse 3.4? It's dated 2006.

I've copied the extracted folder to my plugins directory and run eclipse -clean, but I can't find anything matching 'jalopy' in preferences.

If it's not compatible, are there any (free) alternatives?

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Just an update:

Note: the latest eclipse3.5 Galileo code formatter now:

  • supports most of Jalopy formatting option.
  • has made quite a few improvement on formatters (look for the term 'formatter' in those building notes of jdt-core.

It also can be run from the command-line if needed.

For a specific formatting option which would not be correctly managed by eclipse, you can define a codeFormatter extension point. More practical details in this SO question.

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i'm told that open source version of jalopy is not for commercial use.

eclipse itself has good source code formatting capabilities. Go to java | preferences/settings. type format and you should see the various options.

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Eclipse's code formatter is still getting something wrong for me, hence the need to find an alternative. – tunaranch Oct 22 '08 at 1:30
Oh, and the version of the plugin on sourceforge is marked as being under the BSD license, so it's not 'not for commercial use'. – tunaranch Oct 22 '08 at 1:32

The answer is 'yes'. Preferences are in Window > Jalopy Preferences, and it's run from the right click context menu. Seems a little buggy, though.

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