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I'm trying to calculate the current index of my slides depending on the page that is shown.
So far I got this:

<!--#set var="page" value="0" -->
<!--#set var="slidesPerPage" value="4" -->

<!--#if expr="$QUERY_STRING = /p=1/" -->
  <!--#set var="page" value="1" -->
<!--#elif expr="$QUERY_STRING = /p=2/"  -->
  <!--#set var="page" value="2" -->
<!--#endif -->

Now I want to "calculate" the current index like this:

<!--#set var="currentIndex" value="${$page * $slidesPerPage + 1}" -->

But this doesn't work.
Is this even possible?

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after poking around some more and trying things on my own, I found a "solution" that kind of works:

<!--#exec cmd="printf $(($page * $slidesPerPage + 1))" -->

This just prints the output to page and doesn't store it in a variable, but it's enough for me right now.

If someone has a better/nicer solution, please let me know.

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