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Wondering what the suggested way to 'listen' for a specific preference change outside of a PreferenceActivity. I have a PreferenceActivity that deals with all my sharedpreferences, but I also have a MapActivity that deals with map stuff. How do I detect changes in a particular preference in the MapActivity, i.e. lets say a MapType preference.

Options I know about.

  1. Implement OnSharedPreferenceChangeListener on my MapActivity. I could set up the MapActivity as a listener and check if the preference that comes in is one I care about. Problem with this is that I will get called for all preference changes not just the MapType preference that I care about.

  2. In the onResume method in my MapActivity check the preference I care about to see if it changed (since changes in settings right now mean I go to a new activity and then back to the map activity when done). I don't like this because if I change the way I set the MapType (ie if it does not require a new activity) I would not hit onResume.

  3. ??? Not sure if this is possible, but in the MapActivity (like onCreate) I get a hold of the MapType Preference class (don't think this is possible). But if I could get a hold of that preferences actualy Preference class I could use the Preference. OnPreferenceChangeListener() and I would be listening for only that preference to be changed.

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I get the shared preference as I need it, rather than storing a static snapshot of it. So if its ever changed, from any location, it will be picked up instantly –  Doomsknight Mar 14 at 15:20
Sure but in the case of a MapType change I might need to know about it right when it changed. I.E. if the map is showing when the preference changes I need the map to change. I can't just loop forever checking if ti changed and do something. I can listen, but point being it seems I have to listen for everything not just the one thing I want to listen to . –  lostintranslation Mar 14 at 15:33
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