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I don't get it. I have a Rails app with a little Javascript. I still don't understand how the pieces of the tech stack I use work in isolation and together.

These were two of my problems:

  1. requesting a Rails action rendering a .js-template resulted in double rendering of a form for example
  2. either bootstrap js didn't work or jQuery was not found depending on load order of require statements in application.js

I know from research and trial and error that

  1. has to do with loading js-files more than needed (exactly once) and
  2. seems to have to do with require-alternative or load-order. Yet I don't exactly know which part I have to understand: Is it Javascript or Rails or Sprockets or jQuery or Bootstrap or a combination ororor.

What seems to work for my app right now is the following application.js.coffee

@import bootstrap
#= require jquery
#= require jquery_ujs
#= require_tree .
  1. having @import bootstrap instead of #= require bootstrap first solves the double render issue
  2. importing bootstrap first and not third as I had it before solves the bootstrap-dropdown issue

I didn't find a tutorial/resource yet where this explained for somebody who doesn't understand it yet.

Any explanation or hint or tutorial/resource would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Maybe this could help: Manifest files and directives - RailsGuides and this video about the asset pipeline.

I also would use application.js without coffescript. You shouldn't write javascript code in this file.

The order of the requires is important. Things on top get loaded first into the browser.

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