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Is there anyway to have a conditional jquery event?


if thisBox.is(clicked) or thatBox.is(clicked) {
   //do this

My example pertains to this piece of code:

   $('.thePDF').fadeOut("slow", function(){

So what I would like to have is

($('.pdfClose') || $('.pdfContainer')).click(function(){
   $('.thePDF').fadeOut("slow", function(){

Something like that, but I don't even know if it exists or what the proper syntax is.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Like this

$('.pdfClose, .pdfContainer').on('click', function(){
   var self = this;

   $('.thePDF').fadeOut("slow", function(){

you can use multiple selectors by separating them with a comma, and inside the event handler this would reference the current one.

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it cannot be done directly using .click() only using .on()? –  Adjit Mar 14 at 15:44
@metsales - both works just fine, but on() is the preferred way to add event handlers these days. –  adeneo Mar 14 at 15:44
I'm curious as to why that is? is it because it follows closer to the Javascript syntax? –  Adjit Mar 14 at 15:45
@metsales click() is just a shorthand for .on('click',...) that's all you should know about it. Anyway, i don't really understand what you are asking here –  A. Wolff Mar 14 at 15:47
@metsales no, here you are providing context: $('.pdfClose', '.pdfContainer') –  A. Wolff Mar 14 at 15:48

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