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I installed the plugin Sublime Terminal in Sublime Text 2. The shortcut to open the terminal in the correct folder is CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+T.

When I press the shortcut keys then Windows Powershell is opened.

Can I configure this plugin so it opens PuTTy and not Windows Powershell


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Go to Preferences -> Package Settings -> Terminal and select Settings-User, which should open a blank file. Copy the content below into the file, changing the path to the location of your putty.exe file.

    "terminal": "c:\\Program Files\\PuTTY\\putty.exe"

Save the file, and you should now be able to hit CtrlAltShiftT to open PuTTY.

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Thank you so much. One more question: Is there a possibility to run a shortcut of PuTTy and not the exe itself? Because then the shortcut can have extra parameters like loading a putty session, auto login with login and password –  Ozkan Mar 14 at 16:51

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