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I need to keep a control value (possibly inside a file), in order to decide whether to execute a task or not.

I'm coming from here:

What I want to do, is to check if the control value is equal to a period (mmYY). If it is equal, nothing will be done, but if they are not, the control value should be updated.

For example:

<task dosomethingifcontrolvaluediffers>
control value is 0000
(calculated) property is: 0110
Then, control value should now be 0110.


I was thinking of keeping the value in a separate file, and if rewriting is neccessary, then truncate the file and updating, but

1) Cant find a way to do this

2) Dont know how.

3) scripting ? Would be my favorite choice, but dont know howto in js.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

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Should be done outside of Ant. Write a script in whatever language you know (bash, Python, JavaScript, etc.) that does the calculation, does the check, and calls Ant using that value as a parameter if needed.

Ant's not intended to be a scripting language. People get into trouble when they try to make it so.

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Sh*t. I was hoping the "ant is no scripting language" wouldnt come up. The thing is that ant is the only "scripting" possibility I have in this project. – Tom Feb 11 '10 at 0:30
What operating system are you using? You can't use a batch or command file on Windows, or a cshell in *nix? You always have a choice. – duffymo Feb 11 '10 at 1:36

I haven't tried it but, you may be able to do this:

use the condition task like so

<condition property="exectask">
   <equals arg1="${prop1}" arg2="${prop2}" trim="true"/>

And then call a target based on the property value

<target name="dosomethingifcontrolvaluediffers" unless="${exectask}">

Hope it helps.

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I see what you mean, but heres the thing. prop1 can be calculated, but my question is "how do i get prop2". Plus, how can I update it inside the target. Thanks. – Tom Feb 11 '10 at 0:26
Sorry, I don't get it :S Maybe prop2 is the control value? – Alonso Feb 11 '10 at 0:34

As mentioned by duffymo, Ant is not a scripting language. Though you can use a scripting language like javascript inside of Ant, see the scriptdef task for details. You can define your own tasks like this:

<scriptdef name="nameOfTheTask" language="javascript">
        (your script goes here)

You can use the new task like this:


You also mentioned that you like to store a value in a file. This can be done with the echo task:

<echo file="yourFile">aProperty=${aProperty}{line.separator}</echo>

This writes the value to the file yourFile. The output is for example:

aProperty=some value

You can read the value again in a script with the loadproperties task:

<loadproperties srcFile="yourFile" />
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