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I've been trolling the internet and realize that MySQL is not the best way to get at this but I'm asking anyway. What query, function or stored procedure has anyone seen or used that will get the frequency of a word across a text column.

 Ex. 1|I love this burger
     2|I hate this burger

     word   |  count
     burger |  2
     I      |  2
     this   |  2
     love   |  1
     hate   |  1
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Using only MySQL? –  Strawberry Mar 14 at 16:19
are you going to be passing in the words? –  clhereistian Mar 14 at 16:22
@clhereistian not passing in any words and MySQL is my only option (right now) –  Atwp67 Mar 14 at 16:42
wow. you mean you want to parse all the words out of the column and then count how many times each one occurs? –  clhereistian Mar 14 at 16:44
@clhereistian correct, ugly right? –  Atwp67 Mar 14 at 16:45

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This solution seems to do the job (stolen almost verbatim from this page). It requires an auxiliary table, filled with sequential numbers from 1 to at least the expected number of distinct words. This is quite important to check that the auxiliary table is large enough, or results will be wrong (showing no error).

    SUBSTRING_INDEX(SUBSTRING_INDEX(maintable.comment, ' ', auxiliary.id), ' ', -1) AS word,
    COUNT(*) AS frequency
FROM maintable 
JOIN auxiliary ON
    LENGTH(comment)>0 AND SUBSTRING_INDEX(SUBSTRING_INDEX(comment, ' ', auxiliary.id), ' ', -1)
    <> SUBSTRING_INDEX(SUBSTRING_INDEX(comment, ' ', auxiliary.id-1), ' ', -1)
HAVING word <> ' '
ORDER BY frequency DESC;

SQL Fiddle

This approach is as inefficient as one can be, because it cannot use any index.

As an alterative, I would use a statistics table that I would keep up-to-date with triggers. Perhaps initialise the stats table with the above.

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I'll give this a try, thanks –  Atwp67 Mar 14 at 16:52

Something like this should work. Just make sure you don't pass in a 0 length string.

SET @searchString = 'burger';

    LENGTH(comment) - LENGTH(REPLACE(comment, @searchString, '')) / LENGTH(@searchString) AS count
FROM MyTable;
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