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I have an Oracle user who has permissions in multiple schemas, called "Academico", "Corporativo" and "Campus".

Ok, using Simple.Data, I'm having some troubles to access the tables in one of that schemas. To open a connection, I'm using:

database = Database.OpenNamedConnection("productionConnectionString");

I have a table called "campus.req_impressao". I want to retrieve some data from this table. Using a common SQL command, it would be:

SELECT * FROM campus.req_impressao

Using Simple.Data, I'm trying to do the following above:

var list = database.Campus.ReqImpressao.All().ToList();

But I'm getting the exception:

Table 'Campus.ReqImpressao' not found, or insufficient permissions.

All permissions would be granted to this user, even in its relationship tables.

Any help will be apreciated. Thanks!!!

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