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I'm learning scala. I want to put a java annotation (let's say lombok's @NotNull) on scala method parameter. but when I write:

def a(@NotNull o : Object) = {}

I get a compilation error: trait NotNull is abstract; cannot be instantiated.

ps. I'm not asking how to ensure not null in scala. I'm asking how to use java annotation

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There's no Lombok @NotNull; there's a Scala @NotNull and a Lombok @NonNull.

Scala's @NotNull has never been correctly implemented, and has been deprecated (with implementation removed) in 2.11. See . So if that was the subject, the question is probably moot.

I'd be surprised if Lombok @NonNull works in Scala source. Lombok uses a (Java) compile-time annotation processor. Since Scala compiles direct to bytecode, Java annotation processors are not invoked.

Since neither of these are of use, you might want to ask around for alternatives.

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you're right. my ide mixed up annotations. after fix i have no more compiler errors. still haven't check if lombok works with scala – piotrek Mar 18 '14 at 11:45

That's the correct way to use a Java annotation in scala

scala> import java.lang.annotation._
scala> def a(@Retention(RetentionPolicy.RUNTIME) o: Object) = {}
a: (a: Object)Unit

By the way NotNull is scala specific which is the cause of the error. Martin Odersky explains this issue

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