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In my program, I have 3 models for User with different roles.

Basic User model for all users.

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  some validates and associations

Admin for users who have role == 'admin'

class Admin < User
  def channels

Developer for users who's role == 'developer'

class Developer < User
  has_many channels

I'm using devise with my user authorize.when a user logged in, i wanna specific current_user to be a instance of the right class by user's role.

So i could use user.channels to get the different collection of channels.

Can i do this in devise? thanks

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You should make an admin and developer column in your users table, or if you have more roles then create a separate Roles table. You could also use the handy Rolify gem.

Then you can call this method on an user object: user.has_role?(:admin) which return true or false.

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I've resolved this question several weeks ago, with the Single Table Inheritance.

I added the type column into users table.Then rails can the specific model automaticly.

Admin and Developer all use the users table with the type of admin and developer.then when a user login rails will specific the right instance of its model.

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