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I want to format code in a freshly created Android application.

I messed up the code in this manner:

 private static final
            = 3000;

I want to format it with ctrl+alt+L but it is not repairing the code. I use Windows 8.1.

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When you press ctrl+alt+l do you get a reformat prompt? just to make sure that something else is not reacting to this shortcut. sometimes it helps to highlight the code first. –  sandalone Jun 26 '14 at 4:31
ctrl+alt+l works fine with me. I'm currently using windows 8.1 too. –  StackOverflowError Sep 23 '14 at 8:42

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First you will need to configure how your code is formatted. This can be done by going to

[Main Menu] -> File -> Settings
then go to
(Project Settings) -> Code Style -> Java

In this area you can define all the formatting rules that you would like to apply to your code.

Now you should check (or change) the keyboard shortcut for reformatting code by going to

[Main Menu] -> File -> Settings
then go to
(IDE Settings) -> Keymap

Just type Reformat Code into the search box at the top right to find it.

Once this is done, highlight the code you want to reformat and use the keyboard shortcut to reformat your code based on the rules you defined.

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If you want to:

  1. Order/FormatCode : control + alt + L
  2. Implement Methods: control + I
  3. Override Methods : control + O

There no need it to be capital letters this is just for the example.

Kind Regards!

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In Android Studio (on the Mac), I select the code chunk, then select the Code menu item and click Auto-Indent Lines.

See screenshot :

enter image description here

Shortcut key (on Mac) is CTRL-ALT-i

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Just right-click on the project or a directory, and select Reformat Code Reformat Code**'.

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Only real answer. –  Michael Ozeryansky Feb 19 at 5:29

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