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I am new to ExtJs and I am just having a hard time reading the json array received from struts2 application.

Following is the json array that I received from struts application

[{"children":[{"children":[],"cls":"file","id":11,"leaf":true,"text":"A Child 1"},{"children":[],"cls":"file","id":12,"leaf":true,"text":"A Child 2"}],"cls":"folder","id":10,"leaf":false,"text":"A Folder"}]

it works fine if I save it in the .json file and call it using dataUrl: 'json.json'. But when I call it using dataUrl: 'myAction.action', the data is not loaded.

I would really appreciate if someone could throw some insight on something I am missing here. Following is my .js, which is similar to example provided by extjs

    // shorthand
    var Tree = Ext.tree;

    var tree = new Tree.TreePanel({
        useArrows: true,
        autoScroll: true,
        animate: true,
        enableDD: true,
        containerScroll: true,
        border: false,
        // auto create TreeLoader
        dataUrl: 'myAction.action',

        root: {
            nodeType: 'async',
            text: 'Ext JS',
            draggable: false,
            id: 'src'

    // render the tree
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Make sure your dataUrl is valid at runtime. Use FireBug or the Safari console to see the XHR request for myAction.action - my guess is that you might need to change it to /something/myAction.action.

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Thanks Julian. I am dumb, that's what it was. I was asking totally wrong question to my problem. Thanks though. – user270473 Feb 11 '10 at 15:40

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