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None of the scribe examples I've seen actually mention the best way to take logs/logfiles and send them to scribe. I could configure a logrotate script that has a postrotate section that "cats" the rotated file to scribe (but then I get minutes latency at best).
The other option is to keep a "tail -f= | my_scribe_sender" and hope that the process never gets killed. However then you really can't guarantee that you're not missing/duplicating data.

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Answer given by Epcylon can be only used for 'cating' files, if you want per message logging this link can be useful: scribe and php, I don't know what language you use, so google them. There is a thrift interface that can be used with many languages.

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If you are using PHP, here is a guide to making logging calls to a Scribe server: http://www.alphadevx.com/a/85-Logging-Messages-to-Scribe-from-PHP

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