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So in PL/SQL, how do I can I number the days in a date range in a select statement? I want my results to be something like:

DAY | calc_field1 | calc_field1 |etc

1 | XXX | YYY |etc

2 | XXX | YYY |etc

3 | XXX | YYY |etc

4 | XXX | YYY |etc

Where the days start with 1 at the beginning date of a range and end on the last day, row for each day.


Found a solution here: Range of dates with PL/SQL

And then modified that code a bit to get this query:

select dt_range.column_value, rownum from table ( cast ( date_range( (select begin_date from table where id = 1), (select end_date from table where id = 1) ) as date_table) ) dt_range order by dt_range.column_value;

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i think u want: select row_number() over (order by date_col) as "DAY", x, y, z from my_table – tbone Mar 14 '14 at 19:35
Yeah, not really. The begin date and end date for the range is in one row in the table. – user1435866 Mar 14 '14 at 19:47
Normally, you would do this with a recursive CTE or connect statement. – Gordon Linoff Mar 14 '14 at 22:46

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