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I have trouble for renaming filename in bash.

My filename pattern is like this:

"sometext pattern trashtext.ext"

I want to keep sometext and replace pattern and trashtext by something else. The sometext has variable length and may be containing space, the pattern is unique, and trashtext has variable length and may contain special char like '[' which are note handled well with sed. "sometext pattern trashtext.ext" => "sometext myreplacement"

I have found a solution but I suppose there's a better way: Get rid of the special char in trashtext:

rename 'y/\[/ /' *.ext

Get the part to remove:

var=$(ls | grep -Po 'pattern[^/]+')

Remove it with sed:

sed "s/$var/blabla/"

Thanks for your help

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Try like this:

rename "s/$pattern.*?\.$ext$/$replacement.$ext/" *.$ext

The .*? should match your "trashtext" in between the pattern and the extension, and replace it with the replacement. It doesn't matter if trashtext contains special characters.

If, as the replacement you want to use whatever was matched by the pattern, you can do like this:

rename "s/($pattern).*?\.$ext$/\$1.$ext/" *.$ext

Finally, it's best to use the -n flag while playing with the syntax. This way the command will just show what it would do instead of really doing it:

rename -n "s/($pattern).*?\.$ext$/\$1.$ext/" *.$ext
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Thank you very much for your answer ! Do you know where I can find more information for the rename command ? The man page doesn't say a lot of information about the special command like .*? ! – user3421248 Mar 15 '14 at 10:55
@user3421248 the replacement command is a perl expression. You can read about it in the perl documentation: man perlre. – janos Mar 15 '14 at 15:40

Using bash parameter expansion

f="sometext pattern trashtext.ext"
prefix=${f%% pattern*}
echo $prefix.$ext
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