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I have a lot of Expected '{' and instead saw 'blah' errors that spit out when I run my scripts through jslint. Is there an option that ignores this error?

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There are no options to ignore this unless you edit the source of jslint and remove this particular warning. However, it is highly recommended not to ignore this rule.

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I know it's not recommended, but this particular coding style actually reduces your file size, and still maintains readability, regardless of what crock says. I ended just hacking the source myself, thanks for the confirmation. – Corey Hart Feb 11 '10 at 3:58

no. crocky is a curmudgeon js nazi.;-) there is a vs addin on codeplex that i added an ignore feature to though. the addin is still kinda buggy but works well enough. I haven't been able to get contact with the owner to get on the project so havent put a lot more time into it. anyway see here and get the patch from the patches tab

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Actually, with the latest version of sublime-jslint, I just told it to ignore these errors by adding to the "ignore_errors" option:

    "Expected '{' and instead saw"

Now whenever I run sublime-jslint on my files, I get:

jslint: ignored 5 errors.
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