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I have an html select DOM object by simply coding the raw html <select ...

I then use javascript and jQuery to change that select into a 'multiselect' object by using code like this...


And later on some event, I am trying to hide that multiselect with jQuery code like this...


But that does not work. Does anyone know why?

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Can you reproduce this issue on jsfiddle? or even at least paste your full code. –  defau1t Mar 14 at 19:32
If you did in fact get the selector right, and that's just a typo, I'm guessing the plugin creates an unordered list, or some other element, instead of the select element and you're not targeting that element. –  adeneo Mar 14 at 19:35
What plugin are you using? –  Irvin Dominin Mar 14 at 19:41
Give this a shot? - $("ui-multiselect").hide(); $("ui-multiselect-menu").hide(); –  Jack Tuck Mar 14 at 19:49
Just wrap it in a div e.g. mydiv and then you can use $("#mydiv").hide(); –  Sachin Thapa Mar 14 at 20:29

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Multiselect hides the original select and then it creates a button with the select behavior



And it will hide that select that is created

Take a look at this page

if you do a


That element is already hide but the one that you see is the next one (a button) try:


You need to hide this one, that is the one created by multiselect

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sorry, I do have that. I edited my original post. –  Matthew Mar 14 at 19:35
Ahm you don't have the next i don't see it o.o –  Eduardo Quintana Mar 14 at 19:35
Thank you! That was the issue! –  Matthew Mar 14 at 20:57
Yw I'm glad I could help you –  Eduardo Quintana Mar 14 at 20:59

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