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basically i want to build a colour hex value using 3 decimal values.

for clarities sake, the 3 decimals i have are

255 254 253

and i want to generate the hex string:


how would i do that?

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Do you need an actual String, or just a value you can pass to a function that wants a color (uint)? –  Selene Feb 11 '10 at 2:15

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var red:int = 255;
var green:int = 254;
var blue:int = 253;

private function _getHexStringFromRGB($red, $green, $blue):String {
    var num:Number = ($red << 16) + ($green << 8) + $blue;
    return "0x" + num.toString(16).toUpperCase();

trace(getHexStringFromRGB(red, green, blue);

Bitwise shift

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