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Whenever I click on the dates between 24 and 16, the day-selected signal is received (see the attached screenshot). If I try to click on 17 or lower, nothing happens. It is like the Calendar is split in two halves and the lower part is not responding.

link to screenshot The screenshot

The GUI is created using quickly (development tool for Ubuntu) and hence the Calendar object is generated through Glade and a GtkBuilder.

Here is the callback function for the day-selected signal :

def on_calendar_daySelected(self, widget):
        # Parse the date selected
        year, month, day = self.calendar.get_date()
        dateObj = date(year, month+1, day)

        self.dateLabel.set_text("{0:02d}/{1:02d}/{2:04d}".format(day, month+1, year))

        # Do we already have an entry for this date ?
        r = self.recorder.findEntry(dateObj)
        if (r != -1):
            # The entry already exists.
            tmp = r['shift']
            if (tmp=='d') : self.dRadioButton.set_active(True)
            elif (tmp=='a') : self.aRadioButton.set_active(True)
            elif (tmp=='n') : self.nRadioButton.set_active(True)
            elif (tmp=='o') : self.oRadioButton.set_active(True)
            else : self.hRadioButton.set_active(True)

            # Disable editing.
        else :
            # Enable edition

If you want you can quickly run a version of the app by following the instructions at this address.

UPDATES : I noticed the problem is somehow related to the order in which I click the dates. If I randomly click on some dates, then I may be able to select a day which was not selectable before. This ability depends on the order in which I clicked on other dates before.

I triple checked the different parameters of the Calendar object in Glade but it did not help.

Also it does not seem to come from the callback function. I inserted a print("SIGNAL RECEIVED") at the first line and could not see anything when I was clicking on the stubborn days. The "SIGNAL RECEIVED" message only appears when a day is successfully selected, which lets me think that this issue might be related to Gtk itself rather than the way I am using it. Any comment on this is appreciated.

MORE UPDATES: If I run the app on my laptop I can select more dates than on my other computer, but still some days are unselectable. This is insane. It is like the issue is somewhat platform dependent. My laptop is running Ubuntu 12.04 and my other PC is running Mint (don't know the version by heart, I will check it when I'm back home).

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