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I have dedicated Ubuntu LAMP-server with Bind9, Webmin and Mail server.

My IP:
My host: (domain is pointed to this as 1. nameserver)
My domain:
My second nameserver:

I have successfully set master (Forward zone) record to Bind like that:

examp.le.   IN  SOA webmaster.examp.le. (
        38400 )
examp.le.   IN  NS
examp.le.   IN  MX  10 mail.examp.le.
examp.le.   IN  NS
examp.le.   IN  A   12.345.678.900
*.examp.le. IN  A   12.345.678.900

That zone is working and when I put examp.le to my browser it works. I have mail server running in the same server in host mail.examp.le. I have had some problems with sending and receiving mail and I think that one reason is the PTR-record. I mean I don't have any PTR-records. Also some public DNS-tests say: "THERE ARE NO PTR RECORDS FOR YOUR MAIL SERVER 'mail.examp.le' IN ''"

My problem is that I don't know how to set those PTR records for mail.examp.le. I have tried to google many hours and so on but I can't set it.

Thank you very much for your help.

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First of all: A PTR record is most often set by your ISP. Probably nothing you can set yourself. It a record under your IP number not your domain name. Contact your ISP and ask them to set up the PTR record.

You should also look up SPF records and DKIM. If you are experiencing that sent mails end up in the trash can!

Some good reading on the subject:

Some other reading on PTR records:


The PTR record should point to the domain name sending the mail. for example: if you are sending mail from the PTR record should point to

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Thank you! Actually I have in my ISP control panel a tool for that. I can set "Reverse for my IP". Should I reverse it to "" or "www.examp.le"? Btw it's still showing me the same error only with different host. :( – user3378380 Mar 14 '14 at 21:21
www.examp.le IF thats the domain name you are sending your mail from! – Philip G Mar 14 '14 at 21:27

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