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I am developing a Single Page website using Slim Framework as the php backend, and Backbone.js as the frontend javascript framework. Now I need solutions to cater for non-javascript use.

Currently, my URLs look like http://website.com/#questions/ask.

I'm trying to determine the easiest, DRYest way to implement a solution for two scenarios:

  1. Crawlers that should index the website, but do not run javascript.
  2. Browsers that have javascript turned off.

Note: I'm trying to avoid the use of hashes(#) or hashbangs(#!).

From what I understand, the website would have to be adjusted to return full html pages first, and then be progressively enhanced to implement the AJAX functionality.


  1. Are there any simple examples of this, particularly implemented in Slim Framework and /or Backbone.js?

  2. Are there any alternative techniques I should consider?


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a tons of example exist on the web, did you search. Also you ask too manu question that may bring to some debate... anyway take a look at 9bitstudios.com/2013/05/… –  Frederic Nault Mar 14 '14 at 21:29

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Please refer to this website. How to create REST API for Android app using PHP, Slim and MySQL?


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