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I have a scenario where I have to simulate 150 logged in users on the system and they will be making request to a different page at the rate of 8 requests per second with login status.

How do I do this Assumption 1: Thinking of having two http samplers one for login functionality and other one for requesting the page I wanted (Select product page). But my doubt is, is this the right way to simulate the logged in user on the other page(select product page)? as login and select-product page requests are in different HTTP samplers, their access rights will be treated differently I guess and I will be ending up as an anonymous user on the select-product page instead of logged in user. Please suggest a solution.

I don't want to login each time I make a request to select-product page as the login is big bottle neck which takes lot of time, rather I would like to log all users at first than use the logged in users to ping select-product page with logged in status.

If I have multiple HTTP samplers (for login, select-product), number of request to server are increasing, but at all times I want to limit number of requests to 8 only.

Please help.


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Check links and tips below for solutions:

  1. If you put your Login and Select Product samplers under the same Thread Group - login and select product actions will be executed by the same thread.
  2. Add HTTP Cookie Manager to your test plan. It'll keep session information so the same (and unique for each thread) session will be used per thread.
  3. To perform login only 1 time place the relevant sampler under Once Only Controller
  4. To limit load to 8 requests/sec only use Constant Throughput Timer.

Hope this helps.

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