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I am making a payment calculator. The first thing I am working on is getting the input values stored as variables so that the math can be done.

I have:

<input id="theResult" size="7" maxlength="7" name="result" style="width:75px" value="7" />

for the input and:

var theResult = document.getElementById("#theResult").value;

to store the input value (which is 0 by default)

I then run


to test the script, but no alert appears.

Full code: http://jsfiddle.net/RqzPk/2/

Thanks to anyone that can help

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yes, sorry I have edited. –  worldOneCoder Mar 14 '14 at 23:55

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The first thing to learn about debugging javascript is check your error console:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'value' of null

Clicking the line referenced in the error takes me to this line:

var theTerm = document.getElementById("#theTerm").value;

And, sure enough, you're trying to select an element with the id of #theTerm, which doesn't exist. You do have an element with the id of theTerm however, so this would work:

var theTerm = document.getElementById("theTerm").value;

Or you could use the jQuery id selector (which I assume is what you are really attempting):

var theTerm = $('#theTerm').val();

That should give you an alert when the page loads. To continue making your calculator, you'll need to listen to events, like a button click or leaving a field.

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Use prompt():

var input = prompt("Please enter a number");

To enable the function on page load use:

    var input = prompt("Please enter a number");
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You used:


That never worked for me either. But, to make the alert happen, use:


...since that is the actual JavaScript command for alerting. You can improvise this with the function:

    function displayResult(){

Then you can use the HTML element:

<button onclick="displayResult()">See results</button>

in the body section to make a 'submit' button.

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That is because nothing is checking any event. You can use an event, on blur is this example:

<input id="theResult" onblur="alert(this.value)" size="7" maxlength="7" name="result" style="width:75px" value="7" />

When you type something, and click outside of the div, it will alert.
My example is a bit too basic. You should replace the alert with a function you have made. Also, you should not do inline javascript, but in a seperate .js file

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Hi, Thanks it is not inline and the event is document.ready. I screwed up fiddle and have now edited –  worldOneCoder Mar 14 '14 at 23:56

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