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Im trying to figure out how to create a random string of 10 characters after urls that visit my website. Id like to run traffic through a url or page that would create unique referrers to my site everytime. So my analytics would show unique urls like these--> http://t.co/jd9Dh3kdiI , http://t.co/dkFjdk9Dus , http://t.co/dD83fWedYv . T.co is a short twitter url. Would that require php? This would make it easier for me to keep track of it.

simplified---> (:

What I mean to say is. I want to send traffic to my site and when I look at my analytics, I want each visitor to be a twitter t.co with 10 random characters on the end. This will make all my visitors look as tho they are unique and coming from twitter. I have lots of traffic from twitter already, but Id love to have it ALL look like its coming from twitter so my friend will stop asking me where the traffic is coming from.

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Are you talking about writing your own URL-shortening service instead of using an existing one? It's not clear how you intend to control the referrers coming to your site -- referrer is the address on some other site where the user clicked a link to yours –  Wyzard Mar 15 at 0:50
All I know is that a friend is successfully sending traffic through a url and when they arrives on his site, his analytics show unique t.co/ referrers. Those visitors did not come from twitter. AND, those visitors are not visiting ONE t.co link to arrive at my site. They are somehow being manipulated between. –  user3023705 Mar 17 at 0:23
My goal is to send traffic to my site and have all their referrers be unique t.co links, for example t.co/jd9Dh3kdiI , t.co/dkFjdk9Dus , t.co/dD83fWedYv... all from different ip's. Is this possible? –  user3023705 Apr 7 at 19:53