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xcode: I have set up the IBOutlets and the viewer and elements in the storyboard. But when I go to link them the IBOutlets are not listed. Yes I have set them up in the correct file, done this many times and linked many times. But today, for some reason my Segue layout changed and the IBOutlets UIImageView UILabel UIButton etc are not listed. I have also heard that it is not the best way to use the storyboard, that I would be better off not using it at all. So what is the alternative?

So two questions really. Where did my IBOutlet list go? And how can I do without the storyboard at all?

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Try cleaning your project (Command + Shift + K), that usually will fix it. If not, close Xcode and reboot your machine. I've found Xcode to give me trouble when it has been opened for a long period of time (October 2013 retina MBP) –  troop231 Mar 15 at 3:33

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If you don't want to use storyboard then

  • During project creation select 'empty application' instead of 'single view application'
  • When your new project is created, then add UIViewController and make it rootViewController in didFinishLaunchingWithOptions method of AppDelegate.

This way you can create project without using storyboard

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First of all check the custom class name you have given correctly or not for your storyboard

enter image description here

More over you dont want to use storyboard. use interface builder or do programatically.

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Where do I go to learn it programatically? Everywhere I look, it is the storyboard everyone is talking about? –  user3422152 Mar 15 at 13:35

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