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This is my Backbone collection:

var TodoList = Backbone.Collection.extend({

        // Reference to this collection's model.
        model: Todo,

        url: function () {
            return 'api/todos';

        // Filter down the list of all todo items that are finished.
        done: function () {
            return this.filter(function (todo) { return todo.get('done'); });

        // Filter down the list to only todo items that are still not finished.
        remaining: function () {
            return this.without.apply(this, this.done());

        // We keep the Todos in sequential order, despite being saved by unordered
        // GUID in the database. This generates the next order number for new items.
        nextOrder: function () {
            if (!this.length) return 1;
            return this.last().get('order') + 1;

        // Todos are sorted by their original insertion order.
        comparator: function (todo) {
            return todo.get('order');

        addToDo: function (opts) {
            var model = this;
            opts.url = model.url() + '/AddToDo'

            // add any additional options, e.g. a "success" callback or data
            _.extend(options, opts);
            return (this.sync || Backbone.sync).call(this, null, this, options);


This works fine and I can hit my URL endpoint. However, the issue is with the built in create defined in Backbone collection, the model gets automatically added to the collection once create is called. With my custom method addToDo the to-do is added successfully but I can't see it in my view unless I refresh the page.

What am I missing? Any help is appreciated!

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.create is syntactic sugar around model.save and collection.add If you're model is being created in a different way, you need to override your sync method on the model to something like:

sync: function (method, model, options) {
  options || (options = {});
  if (method === 'create') {
    options.url = _.result(model, 'url') + '/AddToDo';
  return Backbone.Model.prototype.sync.call(this, method, model, options);
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