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Hey Guys.. This is my form

<form name="form1" method="post" action="index_1.php" enctype="multipart/form-data"><br />
Mobile :&nbsp;&nbsp; <input name="Mobile" id="Mobile" type="text"><br><br>
<center><input id="submit" name="submit" type="submit" value="Submit" onclick="javascript:return validateMyForm();"/></center>

This is my validation script

function validateMyForm ( ) { 
    var isValid = true;
if ( document.form1.Mobile.value == "" ) { 

            alert ( "Please enter your mobile number" ); 

            isValid = false;


    return isValid;


The form works perfectly, Now how do i validate with a criteria like this " /^(+91-|+91|0)?\d{10}$/" " ???

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possible duplicate of A comprehensive regex for phone number validation –  yones safari Mar 15 at 7:06
This is country dependent. Along with post code (zip codes for the yank audience) –  Ed Heal Mar 15 at 7:12

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try this

var val = number.value
if (/^(+91-|+91|0)?\d{10}$/.test(val)) {
   // value is ok, use it
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+ in regex is one or more characters. ( is a start of a regex to be passed on. The regex will not compile –  Ed Heal Mar 15 at 7:47

You can use a PHP preg_match function, below is an example:

$phone = '+92-0000-0000';

if(preg_match("/^(+91-|+91|0)?\d{10}$/", $phone)) {
// $phone is valid

For more explanation see the link: Validate Email Address and Phone Number

*For your code it would be like this:

$phone = document.form1.Mobile.value;

if (preg_match("/^(+91-|+91|0)?\d{10}$/", $phone)) { 

        isValid = true;
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i'm kinda new to form building, could u explain how to use this with reference to the validation i've shown above... :) –  wilfredcool007 Mar 15 at 7:05

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