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I am using eclipse, tomcat6 and I have the maven2 eclipse plugin.

I have tried with using my own downloaded version of tomcat6 and the built in eclipse tomcat server, both havent' worked for me.

The page simply returns a 404 error from tomcat at http://localhost:8080/

(I set the context the '/')

I fired up netbeans and created the exact same project and it runs fine on netbeans tomcat install.

You can see my pom.xml here:

I have a simple spring 3 mvc application, that is just a single Controller and a index.jsp file:

package com.springmvc2.web;

import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.Autowired;
import org.springframework.stereotype.Controller;
import org.springframework.web.bind.annotation.RequestMapping;
import org.springframework.web.bind.annotation.RequestMethod;
import org.springframework.web.bind.annotation.RequestParam;

public class HomeController {

    public String Index(){

        return "index";

    public String Index2(){

        return "index";



<project xmlns="http://maven.apache.org/POM/4.0.0" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"
    xsi:schemaLocation="http://maven.apache.org/POM/4.0.0 http://maven.apache.org/maven-v4_0_0.xsd">
    <name>springmvc2 Maven Webapp</name>


my web.xml:

 "-//Sun Microsystems, Inc.//DTD Web Application 2.3//EN"
 "http://java.sun.com/dtd/web-app_2_3.dtd" >

    <description>springmvc2 web application</description>



    <!-- Maps all /app requests to the DispatcherServlet for handling -->


my springmv2-servlet.xml is:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    - DispatcherServlet application context for PetClinic's web tier.
<beans xmlns="http://www.springframework.org/schema/beans" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"
        xmlns:p="http://www.springframework.org/schema/p" xmlns:context="http://www.springframework.org/schema/context"
        xsi:schemaLocation="http://www.springframework.org/schema/beans http://www.springframework.org/schema/beans/spring-beans.xsd
                http://www.springframework.org/schema/context http://www.springframework.org/schema/context/spring-context.xsd
                http://www.springframework.org/schema/oxm http://www.springframework.org/schema/oxm/spring-oxm-3.0.xsd">

    <context:component-scan base-package="com.springmvc2.web"/>

        - The BeanNameViewResolver is used to pick up the visits view name (below).
        - It has the order property set to 2, which means that this will
        - be the first view resolver to be used after the delegating content
        - negotiating view resolver.
    <bean class="org.springframework.web.servlet.view.BeanNameViewResolver" p:order="1"/>

        - This bean configures the 'prefix' and 'suffix' properties of
        - InternalResourceViewResolver, which resolves logical view names
        - returned by Controllers. For example, a logical view name of "vets"
        - will be mapped to "/WEB-INF/jsp/vets.jsp".
    <bean class="org.springframework.web.servlet.view.InternalResourceViewResolver" p:prefix="/WEB-INF/jsp/"
            p:suffix=".jsp" p:order="2"/>


My jsp is in the:


I have spend 2 days trying to figure this out, any help/tips will be MOST appreciated. Please keep in mind that I am very new to java, and eclipse/tomcat etc. so don't assume I did a config step.

I have set the runtime to use the JDK not JRE if that matters.

I am not seeing anything in the tomcat logs, all it returns is:

Feb 10, 2010 10:34:28 PM org.springframework.web.servlet.DispatcherServlet noHandlerFound WARNING: No mapping found for HTTP request with URI [/] in DispatcherServlet with name 'springmvc2'

could it be that the compiled files are not being run by tomcat? that is why it isn't picking ANYTHING up?

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Can't reproduce, works for me :/ –  Pascal Thivent Feb 11 '10 at 4:16
that is not what I wanted to hear, arghhh! thanks though! –  Blankman Feb 11 '10 at 4:50
I am getting this warning: WARNING: [SetPropertiesRule]{Server/Service/Engine/Host/Context} Setting property 'source' to 'org.eclipse.jst.j2ee.server:springmvc2' did not find a matching property. –  Blankman Feb 11 '10 at 4:52
I deleted that project, created a new one, created a index.jsp at the root of the app, now that file renders at localhost:8080/ and spring's dispatch servleet doesn't seem to be even firing... –  Blankman Feb 11 '10 at 17:07
@Pascal did you install your own tomcat install? what version? My eclipse doesn't seem to have a built in one, I just downloaded my own. –  Blankman Feb 11 '10 at 21:15

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