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I'm trying to make my site in two language, in English (en) and in Azerbaijani (az) I store the language in the $_SESSION variable, the default language is English and I keep the language files in web root and Azerbaijani in an az folder.

My problem is when the language is changed for example to az I redirect the user to http://thephotofilm/az/...... and I dont want the users go to http://thephotofilm.com/...... because the current language is az so I tried some ways but sometimes I have redirect loops and I can't figure it out

$request_uri = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];

if( isset($_SESSION['lang']) ) { 

if( isset($_COOKIE['lang']) ) { 

if( $lang == "az" && strpos($request_uri,"/az/", 0) !== 0 ) {
    header("Location: /az".$request_uri);

if( $lang=="en" && strpos($request_uri,"/az/", 0) === 0 ) {
    header("Location: ".substr($request_uri, 3));
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First of all, format your code in a readable way, like I just did for you. Otherwise it's impossible to even start working with it. –  markus Mar 15 at 8:58
There is something wrong with this: http://thephotofilm/az/....... You forgot the .com, right? –  markus Mar 15 at 8:59
And try to make less spelling mistakes, corrected them for you. –  markus Mar 15 at 9:01
domain is thephotofilm.com –  user3311313 Mar 15 at 9:06
Then why don't you correct it? –  markus Mar 15 at 12:43

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You can just set the path in a variable for selected version.

For eg:

    $base_url="http://thephotofilm.com/" // for English
    $base_url="http://thephotofilm.com/az" // for Azerbaijani 

Then start each link with variable $base_url

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i want to return to the previous page when language is changed –  user3311313 Mar 15 at 9:13
how or when do you change the language? –  shin Mar 15 at 9:38
with changeLang.php I set session variable to en or az –  user3311313 Mar 15 at 10:01
you will get the current page by using $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'], and you can redirect to the page corresponding to the changed language –  shin Mar 15 at 11:44
if HTTP_REFERER is like thephotofilm.com/az/messages and user changes the language to en i need to change the url to the thephotofilm.com/messages ,remove the az part from url is there a mothod or an easy way to remove this part i tried some ways its long and causes sometimes redirect loops –  user3311313 Mar 15 at 15:13

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