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I am having an handheld device with ARM platform. I planning to load OS into it. So which OS I should go for ? (Embedded linux or Moblin like any other flavour). Actually I want to know the difference between Embedded linux and Moblin and other distributions like that.

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Your question really lacks the detail and there can't be single straight forward answer to it - like "Use only XYZ OS". It depends on following factors

  • The available memory (flash/RAM ) on the device
  • What application u're planning to build
  • Availability of toolchain for compiling and debugging your app.
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More important (or at least something you need to consider first) is if there exists a board support package for the device in question (see wikipedia entry for bsp). Sometimes the provider of the device (e.g. if it is an evaluation board from one of the chip manufacturers) has a "ready to utilize" bsp that can be a starting point. One project that could be a starting point is Openembedded.

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