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for example, in command mode, if I type ":cd /Home" A events can be triggered by the cd command and I can get the path of the destination directory (/Home) of the command.

something like: autocmd cd * : echo "blabla"

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Unfortunately not. You'll find the entire event list at :help autocmd-events. I see the following options:

  • If it's just the :cd command, you could create an override :Cd command that triggers your additional functionality after delegating to the original :cd. To avoid having to type the uppercase :Cd, you can use cmdalias.vim - Create aliases for Vim commands. I would prefer this approach.
  • Though there's no hook for Ex commands, you could intercept all interactively entered commands by hooking into :cmap <CR> and using getcmdline(), but that requires parsing by yourself and the global hook doesn't play well with other plugins / configurations.
  • As the effects of :cd can be observed with getcwd(), you could hook into other regular events such as CursorHold,CursorMoved, if you live with a small delay.
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