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Can you set up a constant time update rate for CLLocationManager to force it update locations like every 10 seconds continuously? I know the usage of the distance filter but what if something went wrong and the location is not updated? Thanks!

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It's not possible to control the update rate. You can set a timer, then turn off the updates until the timer ends. This is the usual thing to do to avoid using too much power.

If there's a problem, you will be informed by the delegate method locationManager:didFailWithError:

Here's a good post which shows how to filter bad CoreLocation readings:


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I think it is critical to point out here that the timer approach will fail if your app is backgrounded. You can use a timer to enable and disable your location updates to preserve battery life, but 10 seconds after you call stopUpdatingLocation your application is going to be put to sleep by iOS, shutting down your timer and preventing the location updates from ever starting again. – Thomson Comer Feb 27 '12 at 23:15

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