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Unfortunately the parser discards all punctuation, so that 'C', 'C++' and 'C#' all end up as 'c'.

The only thing I can think of (aside from replacing the parser which isn't really an option right now), would be to implement my own miniature synonym dictionary before using any of the FTS functions, replacing "C++" with "Cpp" and "C#" with "Csharp" either in the application or in the queries, for example. Is there any way to do this with FTS functions/features?

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you could try html encoding the values before storing them. how does it handle C%2b%2b ? –  RedDeckWins Feb 11 '10 at 5:01
Since the parser creates new tokens at any punctuation, that's no better: where "C++" is broken into three tokens ("C", "+" and "+", the last two of which are ignored by the dictionary), "C%2b%2b" is broken into "C", "%", "2b", "%" and "2b". That said, since the "2b"s would make it through, that would kinda work... –  Alex Hill Feb 11 '10 at 5:08

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you can create thesaurus dictionary with lines

c + + : cpp
c # : csharp

and then add mapping for text search configuration for "blank" token type with your new dictionary mentioned first

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could you explain this a little more. I'm not sure this is actually working. How can this be tested and what is the expected output? I would expect SELECT * FROM plainto_tsquery('english','c#'); to return csharp, but it doesn't. I'm using this blog post as a guide, but changing the mapping to use blank ALTER MAPPING FOR blank WITH programming_ths –  dwhite Jul 17 '12 at 13:42

Transliterate any relevant punctuation to words. C++ -> Cplusplus, C# -> Csharp, PL/SQL -> PLslashSQL

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