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I'm trying to import some c code into my c++ program. There are three lines that don't import directly:

The first:


The second:

new_node = (Tree *) malloc (sizeof (Tree));

The third:

Tree * delete(int value, Tree * t)

How can these be changed to work in C++?

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Error message are really awesome. Otherwise we are all just guessing. One note is delete is a keyword in c++ –  rerun Feb 11 '10 at 5:00

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The first two lines should be valid C++, assuming you've included stdlib.h, and have defined Tree as a class/struct/type somewhere.

The third line will need to be changed, since 'delete' is a keyword in C++ and can't be used as a function name. Try doing a global replace in the C code and changing all instances of 'delete' with 'delete_from_tree' or something like that.

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Assuming you want convert it to C++ style new/delete (see other answers about continuing to use malloc/free):

// 1. free(t);
delete t;

// 2. new_node = (Tree *) malloc (sizeof (Tree));
new_node = new Tree;

// 3. Tree * delete(int value, Tree * t)
Tree * delete_tree(int value, Tree* t)

Note: for #3, you will need to change all users of delete(value, t) to delete_tree(value, t).

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You can use free and malloc in C++. Whether you should is a different story, but if you're porting a C library the answer to that is yes (at least for now).

delete is a keyword in C++, you will need to rename that function.

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