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I'm having a problem with saving minified php output to .html file in the following code


if (file_exists('index.html'))
    include 'index.html';
    function sanitize_output($buffer)
        $search = array(
            '/\>[^\S ]+/s',
            '/[^\S ]+\</s',

        $replace = array(

        $buffer = preg_replace($search, $replace, $buffer);

        file_put_contents('index.html', $buffer);
        return $buffer;


    include 'prime.php';

So i found this php method for minifying here on Stack Overflow and wanted to take the concept a bit further by minifying the code via php and saving it to an .html file in the case there's no index.html. Later the code would serve up the cached, minified version. Caching without minification is working properly, so is minification without saving the content to a file.

I cannot find a way to take the content of $buffer and write it properly to the cache file. I tried many options and either it writes non-minified content to file or it creates an empty cache file.

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