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I have a linear layout with three images in it. On the click of any ImageView I want to animate the whole linear layout. The animation consists of two animations - scale and transform. I don't know how to perform this animation.

This is what I want -

Image 1 - Before Animation


Image 2 - After Animation


I want to not only animate the View but actually shift the view to its new location with animation. After animation I should be able to click the Images at their new locatoin not the old location.

How can I perform this? Please help me out.

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If I scale and transform Linear Layout (parent view), will its images (child view) also get scaled and transformed? – Nitesh Khatri Mar 19 '14 at 4:58

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I used nineoldandroids library to achieve this animation. I used two animation: translation and scaling.


ObjectAnimator.ofFloat(frameCategoryScroll, "translationY", 0, -yValue).setDuration(600).start();

yValue is the the value in y axis upto which I want to translate.


ObjectAnimator.ofFloat(frameCategoryScroll, "scaleX", 1.0f, 0.6f).setDuration(600).start();
ObjectAnimator.ofFloat(frameCategoryScroll, "scaleY", 1.0f, 0.6f).setDuration(600).start();
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can u pls share how to achieve this kind of animation – Erum May 22 at 6:55
@Erum Its a carousel effect. I implemented such an effect in one of my project. For detailed answer, ask a separate question and I will answer there. That way others will also be able to get help for such an effect. – Nitesh Khatri May 22 at 17:40
i have achieved carousel effect using FancyCoverFlow library but the issue is in animation part how to achive animation once user click on any item of carousel that is imageview have applied zoomout but still not achiveing same result can u create separate chat as i m bound not able to ask question i have blocked for ask question in SO – Erum May 23 at 11:45 come there @Nitesh Khatri – Erum May 23 at 11:49
can u see my issue – Erum May 23 at 18:10

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