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When submitting an app to the app store what is the real difference between iPod Touch and iPod Touch 2nd generation?

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What happened to "programming related questions only"? –  F.D.Castel Nov 9 '08 at 19:24
This is far more programming related than all the offtopic subjective questions out there. –  Philip Morton Dec 16 '08 at 10:14

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The first-gen iPod touch doesn't ship with iPhone OS 2.0, which is required to run App Store apps. End-users can purchase iPhone OS 2.0 for their first-gen iPod touch from Apple.

From an SDK perspective, I'm not sure what, if anything, has changed.

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That's not really relevant, though, because you have to upgrade to 2.x to use the App Store. So everyone getting apps from the App Store is running 2.x. –  Andrew Medico Oct 22 '08 at 2:33

The following:

  • Slightly thinner
  • Built-in support for Nike+
  • Volume bar
  • External speaker
  • Faster processor (533MHz vs 400MHz)
  • Supports new headphones with the microphone and volume control (allowing you to use VOIP apps)
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Also, 2G iPod touches have microphone input capabilities and a built in speaker, as well as external volume buttons.

Also, the physical back of the device is curved, making it easier to hold.

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