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I am getting this error from the first attempt to get a jhipster project compiled in STS Eclipse.

The type org.springframework.core.NestedRuntimeException cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required .class files /us-modeldrivers-jhipsterTest003/src/main/java/us/modeldrivers/jhipsterTest003/security line 1  Java Problem

My process so far :

  • Install jhipster and run a project build
  • Create a Spring project in STS Eclipse
  • Update the pom to that generated by jhipster
  • Copy the jhipster code into the appropriate package in the eclipse project
  • Get "tools.jar not found error, so force eclipse to use JDK, not JRE
  • Get "javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse cannot be resolved" error, so add Tomcat runtime libary to the build path
  • Get the NestedRuntimeException not found error, fail to find any answers, realize must be doing something fundamentally wrong.

Any help gratefully received.

EDIT 2014-03-17 I installed fresh versions of STS, including 32 bit and older versions - same result - missing jar files.

I can get rid of missing javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse by adding


I can get rid of missing javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse by adding


But jhipster cant expect you to add core spring to the pom to work.

Something must be wrong outside STS?

I have had the problem before that Maven tries to download the required jar files to Users\IBP.m2\repository\org\springframework\spring-instrument\3.0.5.RELEASE (for example). If this fails then it doesnt try again. So you find the thing that failed and delete its directory - that forces a re-download. But in this case the things that said to be missing are in .m2 from other projects.

Anyway, that is a total guess, and I am totally stuck.

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I did the following steps and it works

  • Install the version 3.4.0 of sts
  • Generate a new project using yo jhipster command
  • Import the generated project in sts
  • Run the as application

Everything works.

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Thanks Jerome. I tried re-installing fresh STS, same result unfortunately. I am totally stuck. – Ribeye Mar 17 '14 at 18:24

This was caused by a corrupt Maven repository. I cleared out the maven cache and it worked fine. Thanks to the support guys of IntelliJ.

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Your answer above is correct... the primary problem is more than likely that you're doing one of two things:

  1. Copy/pasting code into STS rather than doing an import.
  2. Trying to run the application by executing "Run on Server", rather than "Run as Spring Boot".
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In the "Run As" context menu you should run "Maven clean" then "Maven install". Then you can start the application by "Run As/Java Application" on the Application class.

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you can install sts in eclipse and import the project as existing maven project and then exclude the node_modes and bower components from project properties.

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