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I am running Tunnelblick from my Mac.
My local network is and the network I am trying to connect is
Also, I am using a VM (Parallels) running Windows 8.1.
I want to connect to a VPN from my Mac and share this network with my VM.

So, I am facing some problems to do that. Here they go:

  • When I'm connected to the VPN, my ip address does not change to the ip address from the VPN network. My ip is still
  • Despite the problem with the ip address, from the host I still can 'ping' the hosts from the network I am trying to connect writing 'ping host.domain.com'. But 'ping host' does not work.
  • I've already set the network to ‘shared’ in the device menu from Parallels. But, even with this, my ip address from the VM is
  • In my VM I can't even ping the hosts from the other network

I'm sorry if I wasn't clear enough. All this problem is a little complex to describe.
Something important: The same configuration file I am using works perfectly (without the IP and the DNS problems) when I am using a Windows machine.

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Change the VM's network adapter type to "Shared" within Parallels Desktop.

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As I said, I've already set the network to ‘shared’ and it doesn't work. –  Lisa Shiphrah Apr 15 '14 at 12:45
Missed that, sorry. It will be helpful to see how network config works when VPN is connected. Send from mac Host (ifconfig, netstat -rn) and Windows (ipconfig /all, route print) –  Alec Istomin Apr 15 '14 at 18:59

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