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I'm creating an rdp application, but I keep the error stated above. I've tried adding [STATHREAD] before my load method, and I've tried this:

    private void rdp_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
        System.Threading.Thread a = new System.Threading.Thread(rdp_connect);
        a.IsBackground = true;

rdp_connect method:

        public void rdp_connect()
            axMsRdpClient2a1.Server = mainform.addr;
            axMsRdpClient2a1.UserName = mainform.uname;
            IMsTscNonScriptable enc_connection = (IMsTscNonScriptable)axMsRdpClient2a1.GetOcx();
            enc_connection.ClearTextPassword = mainform.pass;
                MessageBox.Show("Could not connect.", "Error", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Warning);

I've also noticed that the designer for the form shows when the error happens, I don't think that's important, though. Can anyone please help me?

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It is important. You must use the this.DesignMode property to prevent code from running when the UserControl is used in design mode. The Load event also fires at design time, you do not want to start a thread when that happens. Directly referencing mainform is certainly something else you'd never want to do. Use properties instead. –  Hans Passant Mar 15 at 16:07
Ok. Can you please elaborate? –  user3161223 Mar 15 at 16:49
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You cannot apply [STAThread] to an arbitrary method (well, you can, but it does not do anything). Here is what MSDN tells about [STAThread]:

Apply this attribute to the entry point method (the Main() method in C# and Visual Basic). It has no effect on other methods. To set the apartment state of threads you start in your code, use the Thread.SetApartmentState method before starting the thread.

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