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I am using SFML 2.1 with Visual Studio 2013 for Windows Desktop. I am making a DrawingManager, the purpose is that I add the sprites that I want to display and it then displays them "intelligently". The problem is that it gives me an access violation in this function at the indicated line:

void DrawingManager::Draw(sf::Sprite sprite, int x, int y)
    Image image;
    image.sprite = sprite;
    image.x = x;
    image.y = y;
    image.imageHeight = sprite.getTexture()->getSize().y; //ACCESS VIOLATION


Image is a structure:

struct Image
    sf::Sprite sprite;
    int x;
    int y;
    int imageHeight;

This is an example of when I use the method:

//Drawing the ressources
//Going through the vector containing all the ressources that are on the tile
for (int i = 0; i < ressourcesOnTile.size(); i++)
    int x, y;
    //Setting the positions relative to the screen
    x = ressourcesOnTile[i].posOnTile.first + offSet.first;
    y = ressourcesOnTile[i].posOnTile.second + offSet.second;

    DrawingManager::GetInstance().Draw(ressourcesOnTile[i].ressourceSprite, x, y);

ressourcesOnTile is a vector of a structure called RessourceInfo:

struct RessourceInfo
    sf::Sprite ressourceSprite;
    pair<int, int> posOnTile;

Here is where I put data into the vector (ressourcesOnTile):

//Getting all the ressources to then display them
while (!file.eof())
    string str;
    file >> str;

This is the TreatRessource function:

RessourceInfo MapLoader::TreatRessource(string r)
    RessourceInfo ri;
    string ressourceName;
    string x, y;

    //Treating the information
    ressourceName = r.substr(0, r.find(":"));
    x = r.substr(r.find(":") + 1, r.find(",") - ressourceName.length() - 1);
    y = r.substr(r.find(",") + 1);

    ri.ressourceSprite = RessourceLoader::GetInstance().GetRessourceWithName(ressourceName)->GetSprite();
    ri.posOnTile.first = ConvertToInt(y);
    ri.posOnTile.second = ConvertToInt(x);

    return ri;

At line 12, the method returns the sprite of the ressource. Here is where I load the original sprite & his texture (this is the sprite that is returned by the method):

//Loading normal image
string path2 = "ressources/map/ressources/images/";

This is the full error:

Unhandled exception at 0x52B76001 (sfml-graphics-d-2.dll) in PolyWorld.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x00000000.

Also, when I call window.draw(sprite) instead of using my custom class, it works so that means that the sprite is correctly loaded.

I hope that I have been clear enough, tell me if you want me to add more details.

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One short remark : you are passing everything by value in your functions, making copies of your objects. That's probably not what you want. –  teh internets is made of catz Mar 16 at 12:18
Ok, I'll change that, thanks. –  William Mar 16 at 12:21

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I changed the line

image.imageHeight = sprite.getTexture()->getSize().y; //ACCESS VIOLATION


image.imageHeight = sprite.getGlobalBounds().height;

It worked, I don't really know why, but at least it worked !

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