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Is there a way to list all files on a website or a websites subdirectory.

For instance if a website has

index.html folder/hello.html

Is it possible to list those files?

Furthermore, is it possible to look for files that are not linked to anymore?

What about files of a specific type?

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possible duplicate of WGET only the file names in an FTP directory – isherwood Mar 15 '14 at 17:12

No. There is no way to interrogate a web server to find out information about the file system of the computer it is running on.

The closest you are going to get are:

  • /sitemap.xml may contain a list of documents that the site owner wishes to promote to search engines.
  • Some web servers are configured to generate an HTML document listing the files in a directory if a URL maps onto a directory on the file system that doesn't include a DirectoryIndex file.
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