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Hello I want to add all search keywords to my db in wordpress. I've tried to insert data when search.php is loaded but it doesn't work. There is my code in search.php

    $query = "INSERT INTO `{$wpdb->prefix}searchmeter` (`terms`,`date`,`count`,`last_hits`)
        VALUES ('$search_terms',CURDATE(),1,$hit_count)";
        // Temporarily suppress errors, as this query is expected to fail on duplicate searches in a single day. Thanks to James Collins.
        $suppress = $wpdb->suppress_errors();
        $success = $wpdb->query($query);
        if (!$success) {
            $query = "UPDATE `{$wpdb->prefix}searchmeter` SET
                `count` = `count` + 1,
                `last_hits` = $hit_count
            WHERE `terms` = '$search_terms' AND `date` = CURDATE()";
            $success = $wpdb->query($query);
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