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I am new to IntelliJ coming from Eclipse(mainly Java) and I am trying to find out what Groovy features are included in one IDE that are missing in the other.


  • Eclipse shows error in package explorer and in file when package import is incomplete

    import Specification --> import spock.lang.Specification
  • Eclipse shows package mismatch error in package explorer and in file when package name is incorrect to directory structure.

  • IntelliJ highlights class own methods/properties in code completion in bold eclipse does not.

I would like to gather informations about both IDEs regarding groovy support. This is not about which IDE is better but what are the differences.

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I have been using idea for groovy development for very long time and its support is great. Among the little details I know and like:

  • Idea spock support permit to:
    -- indent the "given:", "when:", and other "then:" labels which is great.
    -- you can even have then "colorized as other groovy keywords with the spock plugin"
    -- idea also indent recognize the data driven column title as variable for the spec code and indent this tables
    -- and idea also support creation of new specification with the "navigate to test" shortcut. "Ctrl+Shift+T"

  • Idea also support logger generated by ats like "@Log"

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+1 for the idea spock plugin –  Vadimo Mar 17 at 9:46

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