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I am using the Apache Commons Uploader package, and I am trying to read a file that is being uploaded. I have a FileItem object.

The first few lines of the file are ASCII and I want to be able to read them and extract the metadata that is contained in them. What is the best method/pattern to go about doing this.

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Call getInputStream() on the FileItem, wrap that in a BufferedReader, then read your file line by line using BufferedReader.readLine() until you've read the meta data.

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        final List<FileItem> files = new ServletFileUpload(new DiskFileItemFactory())
        final List<Long> images = new ArrayList<>();
        for (final FileItem file : files) {
            if (file.getFieldName().equals("file")) {
                final InputStream stream = file.getInputStream();
                final byte[] bytes = IOUtils.toByteArray(stream);

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