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I am working with Excel and Python. I want to copy and modify an Excel file with ".xlsx" extension, using a script written in Python. The file contains a specific format and some cells have a specific styles. When I am working with ".xls" extension file, I am using "formatting_info" for copying the Excel file in a workbook like this:

readBook = open_workbook(fileName, formatting_info=True)

and then modified it and then save it.

The problem is that I can't use "formatting_info" with ".xlsx" file;

I got an error:

formatting_info=True not yet implemented

I was looking for a solution; but I didn't find anything which helped me.

The question is: is there a way to copy and modify that ".xlsx" file and keep the style and the font?

I attach an example:

enter image description here

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Yes, I have already tried using openpyxl. –  Remus Avram Mar 15 at 18:58
There is another library called XlsxWriter, have you tried that one? –  filmor Mar 15 at 19:31
No. I will try it. It looks promising. Thank you very much! –  Remus Avram Mar 15 at 21:36
I tried XlsxWriter, but unfortunately it has a big disadvantaged: "It cannot read or modify existing Excel XLSX files." :( –  Remus Avram Mar 16 at 9:58
@RemusAvram only openpyxl supports both reading and writing files. Please file any issues on the bug tracker and use the mailing list for general questions. –  Charlie Clark Mar 18 at 17:05

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