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The right half of the image is how it appears in Photoshop. To the left is the color cast that is being applied once the image is uploaded via PHP.

For photo processing, I'm using Photoshop's "Save For The Web" .jpg function, and on the development end, I'm using pretty straightforward PHP image upload functions.

The odd thing is that only certain colors– most noticeably green– are being misinterpreted. Black and white photos aren't getting any color cast, and images with less green are hardly different.

The same image file looks as desired on Facebook, etc. That leaves me wondering if it's a matter of somehow saving my images in a more universal way, or resolving some kind of flaw in the configuration of the uploading functions.

I've been able to find very little information on either possibility. For those with knowledge of PHP and/or Photoshop, any idea how to resolve this? The website is focused on agriculture, so there'll be a whole lot of green!

FYI I am using a 3rd party PHP image upload script called SimpleImage. It's about as basic as it gets, and there's no indication to me that the script is set to manipulate color outputs. http://www.white-hat-web-design.co.uk/blog/resizing-images-with-php/

Thank you Michael Femia

RESOLUTION: Matt brought to my attention that if a color profile is not set in Photoshop's save for the web function, some issues may occur. It turns out that checking sRGB resolved the issue of a color cast being applied to the uploaded image.

Beyond making sure a color profile is specified in Photoshop, my resolution as recommended by Yohann and Wrikken, will also involve discontinuing use of the basic PHP GD functions, and shifting over to the ImageMagick library, which is a great deal more robust, and appears to deliver much higher quality.

Excellent PHP image upload thread shared by Yohann: How to stop GD2 from washing away the colors upon resizing images?

PHP/ImageMagick Documentation: http://www.php.net/manual/en/book.imagick.php

PHP/Imagick Processing Tutorial I found helpful:http://www.sitepoint.com/crop-and-resize-images-with-imagemagick/

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what are you doing with it in PHP? (fixed your link BTW). If it's just an upload, the image is as is (nothing to do with PHP then). If you just look at it in a browser, and also your local image in the browser, they should be the same, or something does some processing on it in between. –  Wrikken Mar 15 at 19:45
I'm using a third party function called SimpleImage (link below). white-hat-web-design.co.uk/blog/resizing-images-with-php It determines the size and file type, then uses imagecreatetruecolor() I don't see any indication that the color outputs are being manipulated, and like I said, the only issue is with greens. Sorry I didn't catch what you mean by fixing my link-- can you not view the image? –  Michael Femia Mar 15 at 20:01
Ahh thank you for fixing the URL. Did not realize that extra directory snuck in. –  Michael Femia Mar 15 at 20:06
Maybe the answer here stackoverflow.com/questions/5773032/…? –  Yohann Tilotti Mar 15 at 20:15
Well, GD has its quircks. That resizer doesn't seem that bad, but the '75' for quality default is a bit iffy. You could try what happens if you just set that to 100. In my mind though, the question is now: you are crafting a 'perfect' picture in Photoshop, which is terribly good at what it does. If this just for yourself on a website, why even let GD touch the thing? Upload the picture in the right dimensions and you're done. However, if this is more an end-user oriented upload that has to work well: you could try if imagemagick does a better job. –  Wrikken Mar 15 at 20:18

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