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I'm writing some code and have all the scripts on my local server, but after updating any file the greasemonkey plugin does not fetch a fresh copy from my server. More the behavior is erratic an unpredictable sometimes, that is Firefox have it's own cache and greasemonkey sometimes get stuck in there so even changing files Data\profile\gm_scripts\* makes no effect or they mysteriously get reverted to previous versions.

And I understand such precautions when scripts are stored on remote servers. But with my own local setup I want somehow to force greamonkey to fetch my scripts which I'm developing again and again everytime web page is reloaded.

Now is very cumbersome to look for errors because I must constantly check that all the scripts had correctly updated.

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Not really. There's a couple of things you could do, but they would bog down Firefox quite a bit. Don't develop scripts this way. (1) Unit test. (2) Debug on the live/installed version of the script (changes are instantly picked up on every script save, plus page reload) then sync back to your version control and the host server at logical snapshot points. –  Brock Adams Mar 15 '14 at 22:26

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