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I am using web services to access SharePoint list,sites and documents. Like: List.asmx,Site.asmx e.t.c.

My question is that:

Do we need to disconnect from SharePoint when using above services? And if yes then How?


GetSiteCollection(String login, String password, String url)

Webs ws = new Webs();                
 ws.Credentials     = new NetworkCredential(login, password);                    
catch (Exception ex)
ws.Url              = url + @"/_vti_bin/webs.asmx";
ws.PreAuthenticate  = true;
XmlNode websiteNode = ws.GetWebCollection();
XmlNodeList nodes   = websiteNode.SelectNodes("*"); 

// getting list set of sites

//Now here after this is there any way to disconnect from server? 

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I don't understand you what do you want to do. Can you be more descriptive about what you need?? –  jaloplo Feb 11 '10 at 7:42
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Webservices are disconnected by default, you communicate by sending and receiving messages, so there's no need to disconnect.

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